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Drainage and Reclamation Districts

Drainage and Reclamation Districts

The District was established on November 27, 1920.

It is thought the District was originally formed in 1905; however, the District's bylaws were recorced in 1908. Drainage District No. 1 (DD1) is located east and south of the City of Gridley and directly west of the Feather River.

Drainage District No. 100 (DD100) was originally established on August 30, 1915, under the California Water Act of 1913.

Drainage District No. 2 was established in February of 1920.  The District was originally formed to make improvements to approximately eight miles of Little Dry Creek, which flows through the District's boundaries.

Reclamation District No. 833 (RD833) was initially formed in 1921 under the State Reclamation Act.

This district is in Sutter County and Butte County. Sutter County is the "Primary County" for this district. Please contact Sutter County for information regarding Reclamation District 2054.

Rock Creek Reclamation District (RCRD) was initially formed in 1985 under the State Reclamation Act.

The Sacramento River Reclamation District (SRRD) was formed on November 8, 1999, under the Water Code Section 50000, et seq.

Drainage and Reclamation Districts, Irrigation Districts

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