Butte Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo)

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Oroville, CA  95965-4950
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About Us

The Butte Local Agency Formation Commission (Butte LAFCo) is a state mandated local agency that oversees boundary changes to cities and special districts, the formation of new agencies including incorporation of new cities, and the consolidation of existing agencies. The broad goals of the agency are to ensure the orderly formation of local government agencies, to preserve agricultural and open space lands, and to discourage urban sprawl.

LAFCo Commissioners & Alternates

The Butte LAFCo is composed of seven regular Commissioners:  two members from the Butte County Board of Supervisors (selected by the entire Board); two members from the city councils (selected by the mayors of all five incorporated cities); two members who represent special districts (selected by a majority vote of independent special districts); and one public member (selected by the other six LAFCo members).  There are also alternate city, county, special districts, and public members who vote whenever a regular member is absent or disqualified from participation on an item.  Regular and alternate members serve a term of four years.

Commissioner Representing Term
Carl Leverenz (Chair) Public Member Appointment May 2024
Bill Connelly (Vice Chair) County Supervisor May 2023
Tod Kimmelshue County Supervisor May 2021
Al McGreehan Special District Appointment May 2021
Bill Sharman Special District Appointment May 2023
James T. "Bo" Sheppard City Appointment May 2022
Greg Bolin City Appointment May 2023
Pam Figge Public Member Appointment May 2024
Larry Bradley Special District Appointment May 2021
Bruce Johnson City Appointment May 2022
Debra Lucero County Supervisor May 2023

2020 Calendar of Events

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